This is 'a' way of working with the assets. It is not the best, but it is quick and easy

Downloads and "Dragonbones"

First thing is to download DragonBones.
After you install it, you can make an account through the client. You'll need the account for exporting to .gifs
Now for the actual resources:
Here is a link to the big resource file (431MB everything up to patch 1.1.6 update 1)
Here is a link to all the new resources (as of patch 1.1.6 update 8)
I won't keep these links too up to date. As far as android-based devices go, If you'd like to get the newest assets yourself, you can find them in "/data/data/" provided your device is rooted

In the downloaded files, you'll find the dragon's animation data in "/res/character/dragon/"
All of the dragon's model/animation data is broken into 3 parts in each folder:
.png: Sprite sheet
.atlas: Sprite map
.json: bone/spine data
Drag the .json file into dragonbones and this'll pop up:

Just hit finish & you should be brought to the Viewer

After you make sure you're logged in, go to file->export

Here you can choose to export the model as a single frame, or an animation (sequence)
Keep In mind that if you are to export as an animation with low quality loss, Some of the large models will take 10m to 1h to export

Some of the newer dragon's .json file will be separate from the .png & .atlas. Just copy the .json into each folder & dragonbones shouldn't complain